written characters

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The paper exhibited written characters, traced in a wonderfully large and firm handwriting.
The written characters traced by the hand of the apparition had vanished
There's nothing of that in the written character from him which I've got in my pocket.
She had a written character, as large as a proclamation; and, according to this document, could do everything of a domestic nature that ever I heard of, and a great many things that I never did hear of.
While the work's thin-stain-painting technique and coloration feel familiar, Zhang points out that the painting is the only one he's ever made using an allover field of written characters.
What is clear is that it has not been helpful for Canada's 60,000-strong Inuit population to be unable to fully communicate in Inuktitut, the Inuit language, thanks to their varying dialects and distinct written characters.
With brilliantly written characters, bone-chilling, fast-paced scenes and a double twist ending, "The Raping of Ava DeSantis" is the perfect blend of suspense, thriller and horror.
From the lingering question, why the name 'Mother's Rest' for the town, Jack Reacher embarks on many adventures, and a deep web weaved around well written characters, that will make you want to keep reading to the end despite the slow start.
We're barely introduced to the thinly written characters before the deadly virus starts turning them into homicidal zombies.
The deftly written characters combine with strongly developed and original storylines resulting in a series of literary experiences that the reader will remember long after "Being Dead in South Carolina" in finished and set back upon the shelf.
In the drama, the element is written characters that are resistant to decoding.
He receives from her the late Ernest Fenollosa's manuscripts on Chinese poetry and written characters because she, as T.