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Lot 1 Design and written communication tools and related services.
The AG's request concerns written communications like text messages, chats, and emails.
The objective of the auditor is to restrict the use of the auditor's written communication by including an alert when the potential exists for the auditor's written communication to be misunderstood if taken out of the context in which the auditor's written communication is intended to be used.
Another effective form of written communication involves the use of personal letters mailed to individual employees' homes, thanking them for their help or, perhaps, congratulating them for completing training or for other achievements.
Employers as well as faculty at institutions of higher learning widely acknowledge the need for oral and written communication skills (Wardrope and Bayless, 1999).
Consistent with this expansive approach, CPAs should not interpret this element as requiring that a written communication literally be addressed to more than one person, such as including the names of at least two separate addressees, to be considered an advertisement.
Defining and solving problems and using effective oral and written communication were the top outcomes graduates desired.
Many do not have annual, written communication plans to support recruiting, development, placement and/or their organizations' reputations.
In law school, they're much more interested in your written communication skills, your ability to think critically and construct a logical argument, and that comes out on the LSAT rather than what kind of major you have.
This paper presents a matrix that represents the scope and sequence of the written communication portion of the Georgia Quality Core Curriculum language arts component.
Verbal communication is much more of a "shooting from the hip" medium compared with written communication.
This written communication contains forward-looking statements that involve risks and uncertainties concerning Global Crossing's proposed acquisition of Impsat, Impsat's expected financial performance, as well as Impsat's strategic and operational plans.