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A: In its simplest definition, federalism is a form of government in which a written constitution divides governmental powers between a central government and several regional governments.
THE United Kingdom has no written constitution and that puts it very firmly in a global minority.
This written constitution enshrines fundamental rights and if we go through the relevant chapter, those fundamental rights make no discrimination in male or female.
The reality of British politics is that while it took centuries for the state to be separated from the crown, it is now long overdue for a written constitution to be drafted, processed through parliament and finally ratified by the people.
The whole political episode has exposed many cowardly turncoat MPs, and that Parliament needs to be propped up with a written constitution to educate the public while preventing politicians from misleading and cheating the people.
India began observing Republic Day after it adopted a written constitution Nov.
Departmentalists" and "popular constitutionalists" also claim to accept the animating purpose of American constitutionalism, but they also claim that the written Constitution forbids judicial supremacy, or at least that it is neither constitutionally required nor normatively desirable.
Turkey has enjoyed nearly 140 years with a written constitution since the inception of the Ottoman Constitution of 1876, known in Turkish as the Kanun-u Esasi, and the parliamentary system has been a defining characteristic of every constitution to have followed.
The best example of a written constitution in the modern world is that of the United States of America, which was formed in 1787.
Is it not time the UK had a written constitution in light of the Tories consistently using obscure methods to get laws though Parliament, as they did with fracking?
The answer is a written constitution, protecting, ensuring the preservation of every social achievement, service, facility or amenity beneficial to long standing English citizens who have decided emphatically that this country is now their home and where they want to stay.
LABOUR leadership contender Yvette Cooper set out her vision for stronger links with Wales calling for a written constitution to replace a settlement which was "strained at the seams".