written contract

References in classic literature ?
To ease your mind, mademoiselle, I am willing to make a written contract for a year; at that rate, too, to put your heart at ease.
MICHEL Platini's chances of escaping a lengthy ban from Fifa's ethics committee appear to have diminished after it emerged no written contract for the PS1.
In such cases you have to prove otherwise, demonstrating that there is either a written contract or some other evidence to support your claim.
Unfortunately, there is no written contract agreement signed between employees and sponsor.
HOMEOWNERS who fear being ripped off by their builder should insist on a written contract, says the Federation of Master Builders (FMB).
All FMB members can provide their customers with a free written contract as standard and can also offer a warranty on their work once it's completed.
Unfortunately, working set shifts for a regular period does not result in the entitlement to continue to work those set days, unless these days are part of a written contract such as an employment contract or a written agreement with a manager who is authorised to agree to set shifts.
The Lead Agency shall enter into a formal written contract (s), when required by Law, directly with the successful bidder (s) only after it has certified the funds available for its own needs ordered.
Administration of Secretariat told that when they give the canteen on contract they do written contract and on complaints administration take actions against malfunctions.
Dining Hall Workers Want Fair Pay, Sick Days, Written Contract
Islamabad, July 5(ANI): Pakistan's premier spy agency, the Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), has asked the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to sign a written contract ruling out future attacks inside Pakistani territory.
While a written contract was in place for Outwood's work at Thornaby Community School, there was none for St Patrick's.