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FON Professor Gjorgji Tonovski believes that the Albanian parties have the legitimate right to set demands and insist that they be guaranteed with a written document.
Another written document will be possibly presented by complainant sections, determining their views and the main points of dispute.
Fatah approved in principle the Egyptian document in a written document despite reported reservations to it.
VERBALLY agreeing a short, up to three years tenancy agreement may seem the easiest, quickest way for a landlord to fill a gap, but three recent costly court cases underline the fact that there should always be a written document to create a secure tenancy.
Time To Write" is a 304-page compendium of practical tips, techniques, insights and shortcuts that will enable the reader's writing, talent, desire and drive to crate a written document with a minimum of distraction.
Any reasonable written document that acknowledges the client is aware that the information may be disclosed and confirms in writing the client's permission for the disclosure.
These will be supported by a written document contextualizing and explaining the body of work presented.
Teams often formalize this code into a written document that explicitly spells out team behavior.
Always have a written document stating what rates and material charges will apply for the duration of your project.
Moreover, state legislators and regulators have followed suit, in many cases decreeing that firms must establish written document retention policies and to some degree specifying the contents of those policies.
Temporary Guardianship: A written document signed by both parents that must include the child's name, date of birth, date of guardianship placement and an expiration date (within six months of placement) and a copy of the certified birth certificate.
He explicitly instructed that the edition and price of the work was to be said clearly and to every visitor, while its title, The objective of that object, was only to be offered if specifically asked for, Sehgal's performances, if that is what they are, have indeed been sold, though there is no written document even for the purchase.