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As on and on time went, every year more stories were told and sung and written down.
8 trillion, and that about one-third has already been written down.
The issue concerns the appropriate way to evaluate whether long-term investments accounted for under the equity method needed to be written down in periods prior to the company's emergence from bankruptcy.
A banking institution need not establish an ATRR if it writes down in the period in which the ATRR is required, or has written down in prior periods, the value of the specified international assets in the requisite amount for each such asset.
With one password they can use a significantly stronger password, reducing the risk/exposure related to the use of weak or written down passwords.
did a national survey that showed that only three percent of Americans have written down their specific long-range goals.
Inventory write-down After adopting a cost flow procedure and determining the inventory's initial basis, the practitioner must determine whether the inventory's basis may be subsequently written down.
once written down, the assets are not subsequently written back up.
has written down the value of its investment in Temboard Ltd.
With monthly losses net of excess spread averaging $150,000 over the last six months, the BF bond ($462,841) will be fully written down in approximately three months, at which time losses will begin to impact the M2F bond.
6 million) will be entirely written down in about 38 months, at which time the class M will begin taking losses.