written evidence

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When my convivial host discovered that he had told me so much, and that I was prone to doubtfulness, his foolish pride assumed the task the old vintage had commenced, and so he unearthed written evidence in the form of musty manuscript, and dry official records of the British Colonial Office to support many of the salient features of his remarkable narrative.
"Will you look at the written evidence I have mentioned to you, Mr.
Lecount took from her traveling-bag the written evidence to which she had just alluded, and carefully placed the papers on one side of him, within easy reach, if he wished to refer to them.
"All written evidence has been destroyed, but hold what lieth here beneath the table?" and, stooping, the Earl of Leicester picked up a sheet of parchment on which a letter had been commenced.
Here again the register might, by offering written evidence of the marriage, prove to me, at any rate, that this doubt had no foundation in truth.
The visit, interviews and written evidence from the trust will make up a report which will be passed to government health inspection body, the Commission for Health Improvement.
But club lawyers have decided to let Keegan's written evidence go uncontested.
The union said in its written evidence: "Under the present proposals, no laboratory services testing will be undertaken in Wales and the FUW therefore believes that farmers residing in Wales will receive a reduction in service."
City's ability to hit Tevez with a severe punishment may be compromised by the reduced charge and the confused picture of events the written evidence is believed to present.
It involved submitting a written evidence report of experiences that students met on their work placements.
The letter from Mosley said: "The FIA has been made aware of an allegation that one or more McLaren drivers may be in possession, or that such drivers have recently been in possession of, written evidence relevant to this investigation."
In written evidence, the officials promised better monitoring of the McCrone award, which boosted teachers' pay and conditions at a cost of more than pounds 2billion.