written expression

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The word being, according to its Genoese emphasis, a confirmation, a contradiction, an assertion, a denial, a taunt, a compliment, a joke, and fifty other things, became in the present instance, with a significance beyond all power of written expression, our familiar English 'I believe you
In contrast to intentional and self plagiarism, a breathing space is required for unintentional plagiarism, where vastness of available information influences thoughts and the same ideas may come out via a spoken or written expression as one's own.
Membership Of The Construction Industry Register Ireland (Ciri) Would Be Desirable Contractors Wishing To Tender Shall Send Written Expression Of Interest In Written Hard Copy Only To; Margaret O~shaughnessy, Director, ras de, Foynes, Co.
Mujong" was written entirely in Hangul and used spoken words like "handa" rather than the old written expression "hanora.
She is looking forward to healing and mending the hearts of children through art and written expression.
As well, he considers researching, writing, editing, dismantling barriers to effective written expression, and writing by versatile lawyers who write about legal and non-legal issues in one or more of the diverse forums--like newspapers, law reviews, state and local bar journals, and blogs.
Additionally, the conclusion also insists on how the representation of the intellectual in crime novels needs to be analyzed in regards to its 'performative' function, or the idea that written expression can influence reality outside of narrative fiction.
The written expression provides an individual a skill to dress up his feelings, thoughts and imagination.
The statement said, "CIB would like to clarify that we have only received a written expression of interest that did not include a non-binding offer nor indicative price.
But STEM is not a math- and computation-only degree; extensive reading, summarizing, synthesizing and analyzing of text along with effective written expression as it relates to a particular topic are also an integral part of earning a degree, STEM or otherwise.
That work, the author explains, justifies the unwritten common law tradition by drawing upon its inherent rationality as a characteristic not requiring written expression.
Gabrielle de la Fair, collector and editor of the anthology, brought together distinctive generations of poetic talents on the international level and proudly stepping off the mainstream of uniformity in written expression she designed the anthology for those who are able to depart from the literal way and enjoy the emotive, abstract lines of poetry.