written law

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Improve IP written law loaded highest under the third factor, 0.
Jefferson's principle was straightforward on the matter of prerogative and law: if required by self-preservation, the written law may and must be pushed aside in order for the principle of the law (to protect life, liberty, and property) to survive.
It is also called Avot, or witness, because it bears witness to God's will very clearly through its written law.
And I am afraid that venturing down the road of written law in the opposition of tradition can be spiritually damaging.
To safeguard the club's position we took comfort in the rules of the Premier League, where it is written law that no player can induce or look to seek another club during the length of his contract, and neither can any Premier League club look to induce a player to break his contract.
more specific legal rules, derives largely from written law codes; a minimalist view would suggest that this is better evidence for the learned elite sharing a body of legal texts than for an applied `common law'.
But the shift to reliance on a universal written law was not only a matter of conflicting political interests between central and local powers.
Although the flag and anthem "both have long histories and have already taken hold (in society) under customary law, it is very significant they are now grounded in written law shortly before the start of the 21st century," he said.
Though in many ways lynching bears certain features in common with the spectacle of the scaffold discussed by Michel Foucault (51), it is significant that, unlike state punishment, no divine sovereign or written law sanctions the arbitrary and ambiguous act of lynching.
affirming that the written law was superior to oral custom.
For example, although the written law guides officers in enforcement activities, it gives them no direction in order-maintenance activities.
At the outset, TEI wishes to express its support for incorporating into written law the tax policies with respect to deductibility of interest that are embodied in the June 2, 1987, Notice of Ways and Means Notion and its periodic renewals.