written off

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The SBP representatives, however, said that loans are usually written off by the board of directors of the banks after considering the funds non-recoverable.
What's most disturbing is that Northumberland County Council has written off millions of pounds over the past five years - why hasn't it got this under control?
It stressed on amendments in applicable laws andor enact new laws similar to Section 8 of the Financial Institution (Recovery of Finances) Ordinance 2001, to recover the written off amounts.
He said: "The main reason is due to persons being deceased, other reasons are, that persons have 'gone away' and 'irrecoverable' and these tend to account for around two thirds of amounts written off.
The Real Estate Development Fund has written off the largest amount (SR 1.
The meeting also recommended that the strategic executive of finance should come up with a proposal on other initiatives and qualification criteria under which debts owed by pensioners and welfare/disability cases should be written off and that they investigate failures to payment.
EXHIBIT Impairment: Write-offs Within Three Years of Purchase Percentage of Goodwill Written Off 2002 2003 50-74% 21.
The MoF sources also confirmed that loans of more than Rs 175 billion were written off during 1995 to 2007 by different political and military regimes.
More than pounds 130 million of unpaid council tax, including nearly pounds 7 million in the West Midlands, was written off by town halls last year, new figures have revealed.
For the last quarter of 2007, Suominen Corporation has written off a total of 8 million [euro] of the book values of its goodwill.
Who is allowed to decide that a balance should be written off as a bad debt or an administrative write-off?
Our review found that DOD's guidance and processes developed to ensure compliance with the legislation provided reasonable assurance that amounts were written off properly except that check payment differences did not have the required written certification.