written order

References in classic literature ?
Let him carry a written order to De Bracy's company of Free Companions, to repair instantly to their master's aid.
The Vicomte de Bragelonne, who will have the honor of remitting this letter to your majesty, is the friend of my son, who owes to him his life; he is a gentleman in whom your majesty may confide entirely, in case your majesty may have some verbal or written order to remit to me.
A quarter of an hour after, the captain received the written order from the king, to blow up the fortress of Belle-Isle, in case of resistance, with power of life and death over all the inhabitants or refugees, and an injunction not to allow one to escape.
After which he borrowed a shilling of me for porter, gave me a written order on Mrs.
Presenting a written order to the policeman in charge of the gate, they were forthwith admitted within the sacred precincts The closely packed spectators, regarding them with mixed feelings of envy and curiosity, wondered who they might be.
You give my agent a written order to the man who has got your sealed letter to resign his possession of it.
However, the three mourning-coaches were filled according to the written orders of the deceased.
I wrostled, sir, between the silent orders in my bosom pulling me one way, and the written orders in my pocket-book pushing me the other, until
Pendril, that my father's brother had sent his written orders to London, and that you had a copy.