written pledge

See: covenant
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"The council is recognised for having gone that extra mile, turning their written pledge of support through the Armed Forces Covenant, into concrete action and making a positive difference to our people during and after their time in uniform."
The outcry, even from some pro-Israel groups, has been substantial, which has forced Israel to allow Tlaib to make a 'humanitarian visit to her grandmother' in the occupied West Bank after the lawmaker had sent him a written pledge 'to respect conditions imposed by Israel'.
Among the issues were allegations on lack of transparency and consultation, violation of a written pledge in the PH Manifesto, non-discussion of the matter in the Cabinet and/or PH Presidential Council, and concerns over 'lack of impartiality' on the part of Latheefa in view of her background,' he said.
So, when we entered into an exclusive agency agreement with a client, we also gave them a written pledge for 10 percent of our future commission, asking them to give it to their charity.
Political sources in Colombo said that UNP Leader Wickremesinghe has given a written pledge to Karunanayake that he would be appointed as Deputy Leader-and later on to be made the Finance Minister.
Sotoudeh, 55, also refused to sign a written pledge to wear the head-to-toe chador.
Mr Wako earlier told the court that each promissory note offered to Sound Day constituted an unconditional promise to pay.A promissory note is a written pledge by one party to pay defined money, either on demand or at a specified future date.
The PDM together with the National Salvation Front (NAS) refused to ink the governance agreement on 5 August despite the fact that their partners of the South Sudan Opposition Alliance (SSOA) accepted to sign it after a written pledge from the mediation to continue discussions on the article 4 related to the contested number of states in the final phase.
Israel has managed to secure a written pledge from four successive U.S.
In some cases, fans are asked to make a written pledge that they will not organise or participate in fights.
Since March 31, Isakov is under the written pledge not to leave the country.
The agency filed a complaint against the shop owner for violating the law on the protection of animals and acquired a written pledge for him to give up his rights to the animals.