written pledge

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In 2010, Khartoum made a written pledge that it will place its citizens released from Guantanamo in a rehabilitation program and closely monitor them to ensure their "de-radicalization", according to documents published by Wall Street Journal (WSJ) at the time.
Shoura Council member Haya Al-Manei described preliminary procedures used by the protection home against aggressors are represented in the aggressor taking a written pledge not to approach the victim, which means filing a complaint is useless and drives victims to stop reporting these abuses again.
In line with the new rule, refugees seeking to renew their residencies for this year must provide the General Security with a written pledge not to work; a fee of $200; a copy of their UNHCR registration document; a housing pledge, which typically requires a notarized declaration from a mukhtar; and valid ID.
Al-Ayyam reported in this regard that Adnan insisted on receiving a written pledge insuring that he will be released and never be held again under administrative detention.
They explained that Daash imposes on those who want to travel, an advances written pledge to return after a period not more than one month, adding that "who fails to return will be called by Daash a fugitive and all his property be confiscated.
Minister Mashnouq reiterated that the gateway to the resumption of negotiations lies in a written pledge from the kidnapping sides not to kill the military men.
A violent behavior is expected to occur in such cases, and that is why Nagham can mandate the judge to be her own guardian and the father is to make a written pledge assuring that he will not harm his daughter or force her to get married against her will," the lawyer clarifies.
Belgrade daily Blic reported that employees at the Sveti Stefan resort have signed a written pledge not to disclose any details relating to the wedding.
Most importantly, the packet includes a written pledge all candidates are encouraged to sign promising not to accept money from unions that don't allow members the option of not contributing to political candidates.
Mayor Ray Mallon has signed a written pledge to restore Middlesbrough old Town Hall in St Hilda's within the next five years, after pressure from children from which school?
The written pledge would help the police seek stricter punishments from courts for repeat offenders.
They will remember that just before the last General Election Mr Quinn gave a written pledge that college fees would not be raised or grants cut.