written requests for information

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Deadline for written requests for information 12/18/2017.
The authority must respond to written requests for information within 20 working days - but only managed to respond to 68 per cent in the time frame.
The decision was not put to a vote, and the officials ignored subsequent written requests for information, the complaint said.
The entities that search for locations for businesses may spend months doing research, then give communities just five days to answer detailed written requests for information, said John DiNapoli, director of business services for the Massachusetts Alliance for Economic Development.
Phone calls and written requests for information often lead our discussions in seemingly new directions; however, by being mindful of our show's title, we can always bring the solution back to the plethora of information at our fingertips and lead the listener in the direction of correction (i.
EPA responded to the landowners' written requests for information by advising them of the cost to provide documents, and when the cost proved excessive, providing the documents for landowners' counsel to review at EPA's offices.
He has lodged his own protest with the Presiding Officer - who protects the rights of backbench AMs - about the long delays in replies to his written requests for information.
Data were gathered through a literature search; an investigation of statistical evidence on cross-border mobility; interviews with key people in the industry; written requests for information to designated country liaisons; and Internet research.
The North American Menopause Society (NAMS) answers written requests for information.
If the local health department had no record of vaccinations given since April 24-25, 1993, and the child's parents could not be contacted by phone and did not respond to two written requests for information, the child was considered lost to follow-up.
Reformers love to quantify the ills of the system they are dissecting by pointing to the paper indices of regulation and oversight run riot: the 30,000 pages of federal acquisition rules issued by 79 different government offices and the 120,000 written requests for information that flow every year from Capitol Hill to the Pentagon.
Once an audit begins, IRS agents issue Information Document Requests (IDRs) which represent written requests for information relative to areas being reviewed by any agent.