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Other recommendations include giving all workers the right to written terms and conditions, and the possibility of a higher minimum wage for hours which are not guaranteed.
If nothing was said at the point you paid the deposit and there are no written terms or contract, it is for you to assert you paid on the basis that it was refundable.
The last requirement is that the severance benefits must be paid no later than the last day of the second calendar year following the calendar year in which the severance from employment occurs under the written terms of the plan.
Media coverage of the elections must be free of any words, pictures, symbols, written terms or drawings that might be deemed as offensive to the nominees, or others, directly or indirectly, reads the fourth term.
By law, as a tenant, you must be given the following information: | If you have a weekly tenancy, your landlord must provide you with a rent book or similar document ; | If you do not know the name of your landlord, you can make a written request to the person who receives the rent for the full name and address of your landlord; | If the tenancy is an assured shorthold created after February 1997, your landlord must provide basic written terms of the agreement within 28 days of you requesting this in writing.
If you decide to hire a lawyer, ask the lawyer to put in writing the terms of the engagement and formally retain the lawyer only after you both agree to the written terms.
Make sure your company has written terms and conditions of employment in place.
Keeping proper documentation is a good way for plan sponsors and fiduciaries to show compliance with applicable laws and regulations, as well as with the plan's written terms.
Here are the key things that you need to know: Clearer terms THE new law requires that all written terms offered to a consumer must be 'transparent'.
The bank consulted with financial services regulators to run Pop Up Labs with customers and receive feedback, which showed that customers were significantly more able to recall the key terms and conditions after having watched the infographic, when compared with traditional written terms and conditions.
Add a clause specifying that the written terms represent your entire agreement and that there are no oral or side agreements between the parties.
The written terms address land surrenders, annual presents or annuities, commitments to set aside reserves, and continued Indigenous access to Crown lands for harvesting activities until taken up for settlement.