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Indeed, the written word is so inviolable to Scobie that he will not sign his name to anything that is not true, much as he does not want to receive the embodied Word while in a state of mortal sin.
Inspired by all aspects of the written word, the state-of-the-art facility will celebrate the borough's literary heritage which can be traced back to one of the country's earliest scholars - the Venerable Bede.
For more information on how you can participate in and celebrate the written word, head to www.
The written word gives us a chance to analyze the information, and to reread and make a decision as to the validity of the piece.
If the form of the written word is dictated by the spoken word, we may begin to think harder before we open our mouths.
Most important, the written words are there for later review.
THERE are few more liberating experiences than mastering the written word and growing steadily in ability to read and write with confidence.
The Romance Slam Jam 2007 will be March 15-18 in Miami Beach, hosted by the Inner Elevation from the Written Word (IEWW) Book Club.
His ability to challenge the complacency of his era with the power of the written word served as an example to be enjoyed and emulated by new generations of writers down to the present day.
Keep empowering our people through the written word (as well as innovative technology), and let the knowledge guide us to prosperous days and meaningful lives.
may seem insane when you consider it is slightly smaller than a sheet of paper, and has only 20 pages of the written word and 39 more with pictures.
In some sense, the literary origin of Brokeback--and the highly visible marketing of Annie Proulx's short story, on which it is based--has masked a spreading indifference to the written word among gay men.