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The wall as the paper of the masses shows that in the prohibition of graffiti, there is fear of letting people express their desire outside the closed framework of the written word (Silva, 1987: 28).
Jeanine Colini, founder and principal of JCDA, Los Angeles, a design firm specializing in print work, says her design thrives on the written word, and would do so with or without the Internet and increased electronic communication.
The written word is not only alive and well, but dominating the new media with a vengeance.
Subsequent chapters are devoted to the concept of the power of the written word as it is developed in Asser's Life of Alfred, Alfred's translations and the development of the |King's writ' as a form of royal government; Anglo-Saxon riddles and their textual context in the Exeter Book; the Old English Daniel's treatment of the mysterious writing at Belshazzar's feast; and the sword-hilt which Hrothgar reads in Beowulf.
Your Baby Can Read teaches babies reading during the natural window of opportunity by connecting the written word to the spoken word, and meaning of the word.
If you like military history but find audio's high drama more compelling than the written word, then Scott Brick's reading of THE FEW is for you: he drives home the story of the American pilots who helped save Britain, surveying the Americans who battled to keep the country free.
Of course, their personalities are filtered through Achsa's writing, but she's apparently gifted enough with the written word to portray them as flesh and blood characters if that's what they were.
Perfect for parents to read to their young one, and for precocious children to begin to appreciate the use of language and as an introduction to the written word, First Picture Nursery Rhymes is enthusiastically recommended for family, preschool, day-care, kindergarten, and community library collections.
And in doing so, she will touch others and reiterate the very cathartic and even spiritual power of the written word.
From her earliest works, Atwood's mastery of the written word has been put to the service of her hard-edged, disturbing vision of what people can do to each other, in this grim and unsettling story, as in The Handmaid's Tale, Atwood broadens the perspective, offering a warning tale of a future world that is a terrifying, if logical, extension of what might happen if current trends go awry.
Although the latter focuses on the written word, it includes a grammar and usage review, the correct use of prepositions, and a listing of often confused words.
Samples from a wide variety of scientific disciplines illustrate where and how to revise different texts and how to visually enhance the written word.