wrong application

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And choosing the wrong application can turn staff loyalty into staff negativity real quick.
However, the government wants to return the excess amount to those consumers only who received heavy bills due to wrong application of gas pressure factor.
One of the government agencies, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC),saddled with the responsibility of safeguarding the health of the nation, through itsDirector General, Prof Christiana Adeyeye, recently issued a public alert in reaction to the dangerous practice of wrong application of agrochemicals, such as sniper, for storage and preservation of agricultural commodities by unauthorized and untrained persons.
Chief Justice Nisar observed that the high court had already granted bail to the accused and there was every possibility that the court might have granted the bail on a wrong application of principles.
A lack of education and corruption are some examples, which result in 'the wrong product for the wrong application'.
Wrong application of N to wheat at vegetative stages causes significant minimization in yield and its weight of kernel.
"I consider the specific approach of the Social Welfare Services as a result of a misinterpretation and wrong application of the provisions of the relevant law," the report said.
Germany and Spain had the highest number of cases pending for incorrect transposition and/or wrong application of EU law, while Estonia had the lowest total number of open cases last year.
In many cases, use of improper products and their wrong application causes fires, he added.
It is not uncommon for otherwise winning cases to be lost due to sloppy presentation of evidence or wrong application of procedural rules.
Petitioner argues that the decision of the arbitrator should be vacated because it is irrational, arbitrary, capricious and constitutes the wrong application of relevant law.
We acknowledge that there may be malpractices and they are because of the wrong application of rules by some ignorant people.