wrong implementation

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I would blame the wrong implementation of the system for its failure.
Our experiences in the last few years in Iraq, Yugoslavia and Libya prove that any action undertaken outside the Security Council and the wrong implementation of its resolutions has very bad implications that we will not be able to solve," he said.
A number of participants considered that the wrong implementation of some economic policies reflected negatively on the economic and social situation and led to economic and social problems and corruption in various public sectors.
The CPA is the right agreement, but it has the wrong implementation partner- the NCP.
Perhaps, where such a notion has come from is the wrong implementation of Islamic banking and finance, which is seen, as any other bank, to mobilise deposits and then lend to others or invest in profit generating activities.
Besides, any violation of the law that regulates the institutions' work or a wrong implementation of it requires political negotiations instead of referring to the law and implementing it, as the case should be in any state that seeks to maintain the unity of its institutions.
With the wrong implementation choice, margins could be wafer thin.
Sharief Awad Al-Hobailey, CEO of Jeddah Center for Law and Arbitration, said wrong implementation of the existing sponsorship system was the reason for many problems.
Day after day, it is becoming clear to everybody that the presidential election crisis is certainly a by-product of the wrong implementation of the Taif Accord," he said.

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