wrong name

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His wife had told me that I made a bad beginning when I signed the wrong name in the marriage register.
But there came a time when during the fever fits she began to talk in a hoarse, broken voice, to play on the coverlet as if on her beloved little piano, and try to sing with a throat so swollen that there was no music left, a time when she did not know the familiar faces around her, but addressed them by wrong names, and called imploringly for her mother.
'Nickleby,' said Squeers, spelling the name according to some eccentric system which prevailed in his own mind; 'your mother always calls things and people by their wrong names.'
If the USC MoI stands firm behind this ban for Garavice, then they have no awareness of the meaning of the fact of 12,000 people being killed just because they had a wrong name," said the FBiH Committee for the Protection of the Rights of Serb People.
ISLAMABAD -- Senior leader of Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) Makhdoom Javaid Hashmi has said that the current accountability system of National Accountability Bureau (NAB) is a clutch to only buy loyalties of people, saying that the name of NAB should be omitted as it is a very wrong name and the smell of revenge emits from it.
Contact was made with the other family and they found the container inside their urn also had the wrong name.
A member of staff at the library in the Zhonghe District of New Taipei City discovered the wrong name on Tuesday morning, the Central News Agency reported.
The invitation cards of the play printed by the council carry the wrong name of the writer.
MINDREADERS at a Liverpool post office, left, have given grandmother Florence Knowles a deliver a postcard from the Netherlands to Flo's Bootle home in time for her 79th birthday this month - despite it having No stamp, the Wrong name and almost No address!
"At this time, the motive for the attack is unknown, however, we know the attacker called the victim by the wrong name and as such, it may be a case of mistaken identity."
I sincerely hope I am wrong Name and address supplied

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