wrong name

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His wife had told me that I made a bad beginning when I signed the wrong name in the marriage register.
But there came a time when during the fever fits she began to talk in a hoarse, broken voice, to play on the coverlet as if on her beloved little piano, and try to sing with a throat so swollen that there was no music left, a time when she did not know the familiar faces around her, but addressed them by wrong names, and called imploringly for her mother.
Nickleby,' said Squeers, spelling the name according to some eccentric system which prevailed in his own mind; 'your mother always calls things and people by their wrong names.
But Virgin kept sending cheques in the wrong name to the wrong address.
Jake said he planned to write a strongly-worded complaint to the police over why they had charged him in the wrong name.
He added that the doctor's claim that the patient was give the wrong name tag was inexcusable.
referring to Miss Colombia Ariadna Gutierrez who was mistakenly crowned when host Steve Harvey read the wrong name of the winner.
BRENDAN Cole managed to keep his lips tightly pursed during last night's Strictly Come Dancing, despite judge Shirley Ballas calling his partner by the wrong name.
I've had Botox - but it's scary messing with my face' PLUS 6 PAGES The EastEnders star on trying to grow old gracefully, loving designer shoes and coupon bargains, and coping with a death in the family PLUS 6 PAGES OF FANTASTIC PUZZLES AND YOUR CHANCE TO WIN PS250 'SHE CALLED ME THE WRONG NAME SO SHE HAD TO DIE' The monster who tore out his girlfriend's intestines IT'S GIN O'CLOCK
According to sources, these certificates are full of errors including wrong name of students and incorrect marks of subjects.
After the service had finished the coffin was taken to the graveside, but when flowers were removed from the coffin, the plaque had the wrong name on it.
A spokeswoman said: "We have apologised to Mrs Masters for giving the wrong name.

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