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His wife had told me that I made a bad beginning when I signed the wrong name in the marriage register.
But there came a time when during the fever fits she began to talk in a hoarse, broken voice, to play on the coverlet as if on her beloved little piano, and try to sing with a throat so swollen that there was no music left, a time when she did not know the familiar faces around her, but addressed them by wrong names, and called imploringly for her mother.
Nickleby,' said Squeers, spelling the name according to some eccentric system which prevailed in his own mind; 'your mother always calls things and people by their wrong names.
As a lot of you know, Staffordshire bull terriers are given the wrong name and are perceived in the wrong way, so as a rescue centre it is such a joy to see how many of them have been rehomed so far this year.
When he blurted out the wrong name, the HuffPost political director flatly responded, "My name is Mehdi, not Ahmed" Then the Twittersphere called Starkey a bigot, xenophobe, and our personal favorite, "Katie Hopkins with a PhD.
Delaney, the menacing brothers, 24-year-old Jordan Eady and 22-year-old Jovan Eady, eventually forced their way into the home but seemed confused about the homeowner's identity, repeatedly calling him by the wrong name.
Project manager Hill blew their chances by missing out on an opportunity to win the right to sell hot tubs - the most lucrative product - after he called the salesman the wrong name, leading him to choose Tenacity.
ABout 42 per cent of the participants had gone through moments when their partners called them by a wrong name, and they marked it as an awful turn off.
One wrong letter or wrong name could result to opportunities lost.
GREAT WAR He came to Liverpool from London, and attempted to join the Liverpool Scottish, giving a wrong name.
The five delighted reporters with gags and jokes, sitting behind the wrong name cards and answering questions addressed to another member.
However, I'm glad to say that I'm not alone in refusing to correct people when they call me by the wrong name.

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