wrong statement

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I made a wrong statement when I said I am not a junior any more.
Some derogatory words have been used for senior cricketers while Shahid Afridi has also given wrong statement about his age so this book should be stopped to be published .
Ali Mohammad Khan issued a wrong statement in the Senate, he said, during his appearance on news channel.
The PPP's Maula Bux Chandio demanded that an action should then be taken against Fawad Chuadhry for lying about the cabinet meeting and attributing a wrong statement to PM Imran Khan.
Suresh said the incident was a protest against a wrong statement.
He gave a wrong statement pertaining to the carrying away of the machinery, said Zia.
Peradventure the child is not meeting up, the father is expected to diplomatically/strategically seek for assistance from the stranger (World Leaders) and by extension endear the child to the stranger for help because a popular and well respected clergy in Nigerian said 'a closed mouth is a closed destiny' but unfortunately Mr President chose to make the wrong statement at the right time.
"Someone gave out the wrong statement. It can be less than that.
Summary: Such omission or wrong statement should be on account of an inadvertent error or a bona fide mistake on the part of a tax payer
Because the wrong statement at the wrong time could send the whole process back to square one -- something that would be detrimental not only to the five countries directly involved, but to the region in general.
I have seen managers come and go, and for him to say Tony Mowbray is the worst manager City has ever had is a wrong statement.
It seems that by attributing wrong statement , to India an effort is being made to divide developing countries who have taken a clear stand on the issue.