wrong use

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If one of the underlined words is spelled wrong use a pencil to color in the circle that goes with that word.
The worst of all wrong uses is when an antibiotic is used to treat something it cannot control: a virus.
The author suggests that this is a misuse of PR, in fact PR put to wrong uses, for pursuing commercial and dictatorial interests.
There are limitations in any of our technologies, but the major limitations we perceive are the result of our false assumptions and wrong uses of them.
In 1969 Duckworth wrote: "Voices like ours are needed more than ever--for peace, against increasing production, sale and use of increasingly horrible means of massive destruction, for civil rights, against manipulation and repression, for children, against corrupting, burning, starving them and poisoning their environment, for life on this planet for our grandchildren; against the military and industrial mindlessness which is destroying it and the smugness, stupidity, feelings of helplessness and the wrong uses of power which allow this destruction to continue.
THE ANGRY RIGHT: WHY CONSERVATIVES KEEP GETTING IT WRONG uses twelve leading conservatives to document the roots of rate by the right, which believes conservatives have strayed from the righteous path.
For that reason, it is preparing to lay down planning rules to make sure firms eyeing a quick buck don't put it to all the wrong uses.