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The authorities said in a statement that they think the wrongdoers may be guilty of breaking the federal law on monuments and archaeological areas.
He added that existing laws cause issues or breach people's rights, like the ones that treat wrongdoers more harshly than they deserve.
14) A commentator has elaborated the reasoning behind this position as follows: "The punishment of an innocent actor will have no positive effect on potential wrongdoers.
Long-held estate plans overturned by the greedy manipulation of a wrongdoer aggravate grief and loss with the shock of financial elder abuse.
The council says volunteers are critical to the success of the project and their role will include supporting victims through the process, mentoring wrongdoers, helping organise restorative justice conferences and training new volunteers.
BEIRUT: General Security announced Wednesday nearly 30 offenses it had followed up since the beginning of the month, in a bid to inform the public it was showing no leniency toward wrongdoers.
KUWAIT, March 5 (KUNA) -- Minister of Oil Hani Hussein on Tuesday stressed that the future for his ministry would present an era of development, achievements, and amendment of errors with wrongdoers held accountable.
I suggest that the most morally salient feature of a person is his intrinsic worth, but I do not see that this is the most morally salient feature of offenders, in particular; what's most morally salient about offenders, versus just anyone, is that offenders are identifiably wrongdoers and authors of acts, not that they are persons.
Accountability court Islamabad has handed over both the wrongdoers to NAB on 14 days physical remand.
Mr Green is a minister who needs to get on top of his brief, because the Home Office seems to let into the UK all sorts of wrongdoers while making life a misery for honest travellers.
Either the police are incapable of catching the wrongdoer, or the wrongdoers are genuises, only to be caught by complicated computers.
former Georgia death row inmate Billy Neal Moore will make the case that wrongdoers can be rehabilitated; open discussion will follow panel presentations; free; sponsored by UO chapter of National Lawyers Guild, Oregonians for Alternatives to the Death Penalty and The Portia Project; 541-346-1665.