wrongful action

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When confronted with the prosecutor's evidence, he immediately denied any wrongful action.
There also are many individual bills that attempt to redress citizen grievances, including perceived wrongful action by courts, judges and the judicial system in general, and seek either to scold or discipline judicial officers or make payments to or restore property of individuals deemed wronged in court or elsewhere.
In short, under this new legal standard, "a person who violates no legal duties, infringes no one's rights, and commits no wrongful action can never be held liable for malice alone.
He said Japan insisted on carrying out the wrongful action of purchasing some of the islands and continued to adopt escalating moves.
Neither is the state liable for wrongful action taken by those in charge of the armed forces or members of the national government.
Another 25 percent will see a wrongful action costing around $80,000 or more, she said.
Vicarious liability is when an employer can be held liable for a wrongful action committed by their employee, so it would he the employer who would have to pay compensation to a victim
It is aimed at identifying who posted messages on a pilots' website that Ryanair claims were intimidatory and showed wrongful action against staff.
He was therefore in a strictly tragic position: the only justified action open to him was a wrongful action (one that violated the pier owner's rights).
Such wrongful action impedes, if not destroys altogether, the free flow of goods and services between states.