wrongful assumption

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Nada Nazir said that under the law, this case should have been heard in Sindh but the 'Niazi government' decided to hold the hearing in Islamabad under the wrongful assumption that PPP workers would not turn up.
There are many anomalies, not least the wrongful assumption that the elderly are the poorest in society.
First on the line is the election model and it seems like the negotiations started with several wrongful assumptions. According to Mircev, they are all encouraged with the fact that their party position will strengthen if the system is changed.
CONCITO's analysis is based on model calculations containing wrongful assumptions instead of the actual use of eg wood for energy purposes.
It smacks of double standards based on convenience and on wrongful assumptions that some are 'above the law,' while those of lesser organizational status should adhere to it."
"We are dismayed that some have sought to make wrongful assumptions about Gareth's situation and that such positive news surrounding his recovery is being highlighted in this manner.
Dr Boul says one of the biggest problems with sex is wrongful assumptions. "Many women assume their partner wants and expects sex several times a week and they also assume everybody else is having more sex than them.