wrongful conduct

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In response to the argument that the wrongful conduct rule serves to bar criminals from using the legal system to profit for their wrongdoing, the Court distinguished profit from compensation for a loss.
It then ruled that a policy covering "negligent acts, errors or omissions" did not cover intentionally wrongful conduct.
The firm is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals and achieving justice for those catastrophically injured due to the wrongful conduct of others.
In a resource-deficient environment, liability for medical malpractice depends on whether there was intentional or negligent wrongful conduct by the parties concerned, or whether they were vicariously liable for the wrongful acts or omissions of others.
Under the terms of the proposed settlement, the Defendants have agreed, without any admission of any wrongful conduct or liability, to contribute the amount of CAD $9,990,000.
If Department of Justice practice is followed with a nonprosecution agreement, there would not be any complaint or detailed statement of wrongful conduct.
Hudson wrote, "[Union Pacific's] alleged wrongful conduct pertaining to claims settlement practices arose from a corporate policy, which was applied uniformly across the state of Arkansas and which affects all class members.
Our courts can only respond to the results of allegedly wrongful conduct by deciding whether the behaviour in question was actually criminal in nature, and if it was, by determining what response will best accomplish the various goals we have set for ourselves in relation to future conduct.
The book contends that mistaken reviews of scientific evidence can decrease citizen access to the law, increase incentives for firms not to test their products, lower deterrence for wrongful conduct and harmful products, increase litigation costs, and decrease the possibility of justice for citizens injured by toxic substances.
Federal contractors occasionally find themselves at the receiving end of a lawsuit filed by and individual that has been injured by the company's allegedly wrongful conduct.
Viewing this statement in a light most favorable to the plaintiffs and drawing all reasonable inference in plaintiffs' favor, the plaintiffs had actual knowledge of the allegedly wrongful conduct and the correct identity of those who were allegedly responsible for the patient's injuries on June 18, 2003.
The policy also protects directors at other times when the traditional D&O or "Side A" coverage is not available, including situations such as the following: the D&O policy's standard exclusions preclude coverage, the D&O policy is frozen during bankruptcy proceedings, the entire D&O policy is rescinded or all coverage is denied due to the wrongful conduct of management or other board members, or the limits of the traditional D&O policy are exhausted by advances of defense costs to individuals known to have committed fraud.