wrongful transfer

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Sithambaram on whether Ung was aware of Dr Shamsul lodging any police report over the wrongful transfer of funds, Ung replied in the negative.
There was evidence that Ranone also stood to gain personally from the wrongful transfer of the assets by keeping them under his management.
The PIAC, therefore, recommended that 'the unacceptable recurrence of the wrongful transfer of petroleum funds into the GRAs accounts must seize immediately.'
2) Was the alleged wrongful transfer an inter vivos transaction or were the damages post-mortem in nature?
NEW YORK: The trustee for Lehman Brothers' brokerage asked a judge to disallow what he called the wrongful transfer of $7 billion of assets to Barclays after it bought the defunct investment bank's brokerage in the 2008 financial crisis.
But the court remanded Nelson's allegations of breach of employment and wrongful transfer for trial, saying those issues were not before it.
Sithambaram: Are you aware if SRC International or Gandingan Mentari took any legal action against the bank for wrongful transfer of funds?
Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin over allegedly wrongful transfers of $2 billion in company assets.