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Common Sense, a "nuts-and-bolts guy" telling it "straight" with no spin, but strip off the thin veneer of gruff frankness that gives the semblance of logic and you have wrongheaded idiocy.
It is time to drop the outdated, divisive, and purely wrongheaded rhetoric about public forests.
Hence, he said, the economy was strong in the 1980s and 1990s, when tax rates came down and federal monetary policy was constructive, and weak in the 1960s and 1970s when federal policies, in his view, were wrongheaded.
An effective counter-attack to Eichel's wrongheaded campaign to humble the Bundesbank is badly needed.
The present-day reliance, in virtually all security products or systems, on protection is, in the author's opinion, not only wrongheaded, but also the primary reason why we see so many attacks.
Clearly, artistic director Brian McMaster is unafraid of taking artistic gambles, even if some of his choices struck others as woefully wrongheaded.
DOE Assistant Secretary Tara O'Toole argued that "it is wrongheaded to say the users were not at fault.
Time and again in the past successive British governments have had the opportunity to overturn the wrongheaded verdicts of the Widgery Report.
Stated differently, a 'heads I win, tails you lose" approach is wrongheaded because, in advantaging particular taxpayers, the legislation could well hurt taxpayers as a whole (on whose behalf the government acts).
The spirituality movement, albeit wrongheaded, is a statement that our society leaves unmet the most basic of human needs of cooperativeness, cohesion, and human interaction.
One gets the impression with its new city-region status that Manchester's thinking is becoming wrongheaded.
Steward A wrongheaded official appointed to interpret the rules in a manner damaging to your personal interests.