wrongly advised

See: misadvised
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An analysis of 1,600 benefit cases suggested some claimants who suspected the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) had made a mistake were wrongly advised decisions could not be appealed.
An analysis of 1,600 benefit cases suggested that some claimants who suspect the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) has made a mistake are wrongly advised that decisions cannot be appealed.
It seems that the Cabinet has been wrongly advised,' he told Malay Mail when contacted.
In earlier debate, some senators note that President Weah might have been wrongly advised on the introduction of the tuition-freed program without taking into consideration source of revenue to fund the exercise.
Following the adverse second stage decision, HEFCE wrongly advised LIPA that the decision-making process could not be challenged, so LIPA's only option was to embark upon a Judicial Review process.
Your views Email us at Following the adverse second-stage decision, HEFCE wrongly advised Letters@liverpoolecho.
"But we are already starting to hear about people whose incomes have been slashed because they've been wrongly advised to claim Universal Credit, and there's no way back.
Henderson grew up at Hibs before moving to Dunfermline but insists he was wrongly advised as a kid.
was a miner from PRESTATYN, in 1993 he was wrongly advised by an agent of Phoenix Life transfer PS21,000 from his miners pension to them.
He insisted that the government was wrongly advised on the liquidation of the airline, adding that another national carrier may not berth until all the former staff were properly remunerated by the government.
They also complained that his economic team had been wrongly advised to apply text book economic concepts to an economy that was mostly informal.