wrongly timed

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Likewise, distasteful or wrongly timed humour can be not only boring but to a great extent disgusting.
Now officials have been told to award a penalty if it's a firm challenge but wrongly timed with no pulling down of the player.
If your dog has been thoroughly collar conditioned, your risk of making him bird shy with a wrongly timed correction is slim.
The current one, some 29 days after the first and with the leaves beginning to turn and nights closing in, has left senior figures in little doubt it is wrongly timed.
PHL can be caused by wrongly timed harvests, extreme temperatures, drought, micro-organism and other contamination, spillage, and physical damage.
By Justin Ambago Ramba May 11, 2009 -- The people of the Nuba Mountains are still to come out of their shock, when they learned of the Sudanese president Omer al Bashir's strange and wrongly timed appointment as governor for South Kordofan of the fugitive, Ahmed Haroun who is wanted by the ICC for over 50 crimes against humanity committed in the western province of Darfur in the periods between, 2003 -- 2004.
Then off we set, knowing one false turn or wrongly timed traffic light will see half of us in Fishburn, the rest in Ferryhill.