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One way that my students are wrong in reaching for the shrimp fork lies in what it seems to suggest about the idea of rightness and wrongness itself.
Patton and informed her of the wrongness of her article.
Distance yourself from the sitch or speak to your friend privately about the wrongness of her ways--you know she is way better than that.
And that's true, but it doesn't excuse the wrongness of it all.
If practical reasoners are merely communally situated humans trying to solve conventional conflicts, then it is fairly clear that it is impossible for such creatures to identify fully "correct" accounts of harm and badness, goodness, rightness, wrongness, and so forth.
6) Maier insists that the reasons for the moral wrongness of torture can be found in the asymmetric structure of the relationship between torturer and victim: torture is a violation of human dignity (the main intention of the torturer is to enforce his will on the victim), the relationship between torturer and victim is the prime reason for the moral wrongness of torture, whereas the moral wrongness of torture consists in the deprivation of the victim's standing as a moral being.
Enter journalist Kathryn Schulz, who, referring to thinkers such as Augustine (who said "Fallor ergo sum," I err, therefore I am), Freud (who proposed that verbal slips are clues to truth), Locke (who thought that error seeped into our lives through the gap between the artificiality of words and the reality of the things they name), and Alan Greenspan (who expressed "shocked disbelief that markets aren't self-regulating), proposes that we look at wrongness as both a given and as a gift that can transform our worldviews, relationships, and ultimately ourselves.
There are many compelling reasons for objecting to the death penalty -- the value of every human life, the wrongness of countering killing with killing, and the inhumane methods used to execute people.
Indeed, even if someone's predisposition makes that person commit a crime, laws (and sentences for breaking them) ought to retain a punitive component, in Wilson's view: "A punishment is fitting only if it incapacitates known offenders, deters would-be offenders, increases the chances of rehabilitating offenders, and expresses a solemn moral judgment about the wrongness of the criminal act.
ONE of the problems of pointing out the wrongness of the Iggy Pop car insurance advert is that once you start, you'll probably never stop.