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There are not only discrete deontic qualities, such as rightness and wrongness, but within the space of wrong actions there is a continuum ranging from, say, very wrong indeed to nearly right.
The consequences of thinking forbidden thoughts about the moral wrongness of death are fraught with danger.
To determine their rightness or wrongness. There are any number of bases for making such determinations.
At an early age, I felt a wrongness in the universe, which became in adult life a questioning of the systems we live in.
I cite this non-Western tradition to suggest that metaphysical uncertainty can be acknowledged at the same time that the wrongness of violence is attested.
Here Curran is arguing for judging moral actions in terms of their utility or consequences, not their intrinsic rightness or wrongness. One of the main arguments in favour of the minority report of the papal commission on birth control, therefore, is that those who threw it over were likely to oppose other parts of Catholic moral teaching, and, in fact, the objective moral standards which the Church has always used.
Both issues are treated well, though one might have hoped for the general description of sexuality(93-94) to precede any comments about the rightness or wrongness of behavior(91-92).
But in Thompson's general discussion of history, his proper scoring of Fukuyama's wrongness about Hegel is dulled by his own wrongness about Hegel.
Catholic bishops are expected to issue a statement in November 1994 that will strongly reaffirm a pro-life position with special emphasis on the wrongness of the death penalty.
Although, like the other senses, it is not immune from illusion and delusion, its existence explains how people come to possess moral knowledge and why, for the most part, we agree in our judgments of rightness and wrongness.
We base decisions of rightness and wrongness on our own understandings.