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She looked at me, and looked at Sarah, and Sarah's countenance wrung out of her watchful face a cruel smile.
He wrung my hand, and taking up his hat, went straight out of the room without looking back, without a tear or a quiver or a pause, and I am crying like a baby.
I know that I can earn but little by my labours as a copyist; yet even of that little I am proud, for it has entailed WORK, and has wrung sweat from my brow.
And though no voice but his was heard to speak aloud, still there were revilings and anathemas, whispered but distinct, from women and from men, breathed against the daughter who had wrung the aged hearts of her parents,--the wife who had betrayed the trusting fondness of her husband,--the mother who had sinned against natural affection, and left her child to die.
Out of that tub had come the day before--Tess felt it with a dreadful sting of remorse--the very white frock upon her back which she had so carelessly greened about the skirt on the damping grass--which had been wrung up and ironed by her mother's own hands.
The words were wrung from him, and he did not know he had spoken.
It was that which rankled with Philip: he could not bear the humiliation of apologies, which were wrung from him by pain greater than he could bear.
In tearless silence he submitted to the pang that wrung him.
And poor Rose wrung her hands at the awful prospect before her.
Her head sunk on her bosom; she wrung her clasped hands as they rested on her lap.
Pouring forth these and a perfectly wonderful train of other disjointed expressions of regret, which no mortal power but Mrs Nickleby's could ever have strung together, that lady wrung her hands, and her tears fell faster.
Then the mother wrung her hands, sang and wept, and there were many songs, but yet many more tears; and then Night said, "Go to the right, into the dark pine forest; thither I saw Death take his way with thy little child