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This is the moment when you have to rely on your own ability to judge yardage.
UCLA (3-5, 1-4) ranks fourth in the Pac-10, and 26th nationally, in rushing yardage, averaging 192.
If you think yardage, you are taking an important factor out of the equation.
Good defensive tactics in this area would include inside line changes that might come clean and result in a minus yardage tackle or a holding call.
The Yardage Pro, using advanced laser technology, delivers outstanding performance on targets from five to 800 yards away with +/- one-yard accuracy.
Sighting in at very short yardage (like 25 yards) is a good way to get into trouble.
Normally when I walk on the tee, Tony will tell me the yardage, where the pin is, where the bunkers are and where to hit it.
For 2003, Bushnell combines a laser rangefinder and an 8x36mm binocular to create the Yardage Pro Quest.
When the pair arrived on green, Somoza accused Garcia of giving him the wrong yardage, swore, threatened and finger-wagged the youngster.
The wool yardage will cost about $17 to $50 per yard (wool blends cost less); add another $2 to $6 for border fabric.