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Wrapper yarn is a novel kind of yarn for new fashion or functional applications (Patents pending).
The decision was announced by the Ministry of Commerce through an advertisement taken out in the Sunday editions of some major newspapers as one of its initiatives to improve the ease of doing business for yarn exporters.
Now every producer of yarn who packs yarn for civil consumption will pack yarn in hank form in each quarterly period commencing from January-March 2019 and every subsequent quarterly period, in proportion of not less than 30% of total yarn packed by him during each quarterly period for civil consumption.
Choosing yarn for use with a rigid heddle loom allows you to branch into yarns like animal, plant or man-made fibers that you might not choose for knitting or crochet work.
The growing requirement for diverse physical and chemical properties in end-use products to boost the textile yarn market Countries in the Asia-Pacific, Latin America, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East regions are thriving in terms of growing contribution of the apparel industry toward the GDP with high levels of product development and marketing.
Moreover, the statistical analysis revealed that the amount of twist had a significant effect on the diameter of the fibers and yarns. By increasing the twist rate up to 240 rpm, due to the increased tension on the fibers, the mean diameter of the fibers in the yarn structure decreased from 763 to 595 nm (Table 1).
PHMEA Central Chairman Dr Khurram Anwar Khawaja said the government had recently imposed a 5 percent regulatory duty on the import of polyester yarn with an average 7% antidumping duty.
It also produces yarns from recycled fibres marketed under its earthspun trademarks and with its large solar installation promotes its earth friendly yarns as 'Spun by the Sun'.
19 December 2017 - UK-based industrial thread manufacturer Coats Group plc (LSE: COA) has acquired US-based yarn maker Patrick Yarn Mill, the company said.
The Watershed Theatre in Bridge Street, Slaithwaite, is to host a pop-up yarn market tomorrow (November 12).
When a harvester yarn is twisted or stretched, the volume of the carbon nanotube yarn decreases, bringing the electric charges on the yarn closer together and increasing their energy, Haines said.
Unity & Unity Beyond by Fibra Natura, distributed by Universal Yarn