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And if we're judging her new book by the cover, this just suggests it's yawningly boring
The Ka is based on the Fiesta floorpan from a time when Ford finally got it right after a lot of yawningly average models.
Alex and Julia soon morph into heroic reporters and star-crossed lovers in a yawningly familiar finale.
And not just because of those jokes, as yawningly predictable and offensive as ever.
While the soaps bashed and battered us with rapes and murders, cancer and cybersex, and the rest of summer TV was yawningly dull, Big Bro kept us hooked in the nicest possible way.
Doctorow remarks that "campaign finance reform as a phrase has been bruited about so long and to so little effect and is so yawningly dull, dreary and unresounding, it makes one wonder if it's not partly responsible for the conditions it has so far failed to address.
THREE footy hacks join Brian Woolnough to make a mixture of astute and yawningly predictable comments about the burning issues of the week, writes Bruce Millington.
According to Tremblay, Ivanhoe worried there would be too many players and the weaker ones wouldn't survive, potentially leaving Ivanhoe stuck with yawningly empty, not-easily-recycled--and therefore high-risk--retail space.