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If He spoke to us clear, if He laid His starry hand upon our perspirant brows, we would be awed and thrilled, but we would not yearn; and this is genius, that He hideth from us and will not be seen, and so we yearn and doubt, and must cut our own paths through the thickets.
I yearn for the David Morgan family store which stood on The Hayes and which closed in 2005.
To those who live in the town and yearn for a home in the country - or vice versa - I have a word of advice.
Yearn Hong Choi uses language that is simple and direct in poems that are accessible to the general reader.
Across the globe, people living under the iron heel of government-imposed religion yearn for a separation of church and state.
She was also inspired by Los Angeles, where unseasonably warm winters only made her yearn for snowy Canada and, as she sings in the song, for ``a river I could skate away on.
Thankful for the sweet release, Back to families who yearn, Looking forward now to peace Unlike those who can't return.
The delectable descriptions of the Big Easy's food and rich culture make you yearn for its immediate and triumphant return, post- Hurricane Katrina.
Suffering softens hearts, an ancient proverb tells us, and softened hearts not only yearn for kindness and solace but also become receptive to an understanding of the universe and life that provides real answers about the nature of this universe and, indeed, about the nature of life itself.
Community is getting lost despite the fact that many students yearn for it.
Yes, sometimes I yearn to get away from it all too.
I yearned for it like I yearn for few things that aren't wife-shaped,or chocolate fudge brownie flavoured.