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A horror of the vile disguise that concealed her; a yearning to burst its trammels and hide her shameful painted face on Norah's bosom, took possession of her, body and soul.
No, father," said Lucie, yearning and weeping as she kissed her hand, "no.
One of those fits of yearning was on him now, and it would have been strong enough to have persuaded him to trust Wildfire to Dunstan rather than disappoint the yearning, even if he had not had another reason for his disinclination towards the morrow's hunt.
As I recalled once more that sad yearning face, and heard again that terrible "I cannot
Alas,'' said Rebecca, leaving her station at the window, and approaching the couch of the wounded knight, ``this impatient yearning after action this struggling with and repining at your present weakness, will not fail to injure your returning health How couldst thou hope to inflict wounds on others, ere that be healed which thou thyself hast received?
Bright star, goal of my yearning eyes As thou above me beamest, When thou shalt hide thee from my sight I'll know that death is near me.
I could not fathom the seeming hallucination, nor could I free myself from it; but somewhere in the innermost recesses of my soul I felt a strange yearning toward these unknown foemen, and a mighty hope surged through me that the fleet would return and demand a reckoning from the green warriors who had so ruthlessly and wantonly attacked it.
Scarce an hour passed that did not bring its recollection of Korak, and its poignant yearning to see him again.
There was over me a yearning for sleep, in some sort of blind belief that to wake would be to find things changed, and that any change must now be for the better.
She suddenly leapt up from her chair with an irresistible impulse and held out her hands, yearning towards me, though still timid and not daring to stir.
It was the last yearning for life contending with the resolution of despair; then his dungeon seemed less sombre, his prospects less desperate.
Indeed I was yearning to do so, so I went out for some silk, and then sat down to my labours.