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Dressed all in black and standing motionless, his face lit by a solitary spotlight and lined with regret, he inhabits the skin of a dying man looking yearningly back over his life and wishing he'd done things differently.
What better exclamation point to the hero's resurrection than a messy, freewritten passage that dances on the edge of Lewis's subconscious and slips yearningly into our collective fantasies of heaven?
Over there: the place where the mountains meet the clouds, a seemingly enigmatic and wild place on which I gazed upon yearningly while we organized the logistics.
It's not until the character of Matt sings yearningly about "A Normal Life" that we get a sense of the piece's musical inner life, one that is then regularly conveyed in such engaging songs as "Destiny," "It's Not Enough," and "Look at Me First.
Utterly remote, absorbed in their grave, solemn ecstasy, the robed and mitred priest held out, the dying saint yearningly received, the body of the Son of God.
The problem with this evaluation of the situation is that it presumes the radical efficacy of individual agency, in other words, that individuals, as my passionate/compassionate undergraduate students often yearningly assert, really can change themselves and the world, like Gandhi, virtually single-handedly (or so this particular chosen-boy story goes).
In American literature we have an outstanding example of a philosophical narrative which looks up yearningly from the platform of earth to a different world whose injunctions to goodness, kindness, justice arc indeed traced in our hearts--but impotently.
Certainly Henry James, in acknowledging that the constraints of genre, if not of publishers, might prove beneficial, was ultimately grateful for spending 'so many years astride the silver-shod, soberpaced, short-stepping, but oh so hugely nosing, so tenderly and yearningly and ruefully sniffing, grey mule of the "few thousand words"'.
Yearningly the romanticist gazed beyond mere temporal life and sought the way from the finite to the infinite" (28).
As Damiel muses yearningly to Cassiel about human life: "to be excited not only by the mind, but at last by a meal, the curve of a neck .
Though Fitzgerald spoke famously atrocious French, he yearningly lingered on the sounds and names associated with the French-Canadian city of his birth and, later, with the European high life, and the consequences for his writing were significant.
No wonder they looked back yearningly upon that which they had lost, forgot that it had ever had any defects, and remembered it in terms of moons and magnolias.