years of existence

See: lifetime
References in classic literature ?
He did not believe it to proceed from any thing that care and medicine might not remove, or at least that she might not have many years of existence before her; but he could not be prevailed on, by all his father's doubts, to say that her complaints were merely imaginary, or that she was as strong as ever.
This was doubtless attributable to the fact, that during nearly a hundred years of existence the said toes never had been subjected to any artificial confinement, and in their old age, being averse to close neighbourhood, bid one another keep open order.
Captain MacWhirr had sailed over the surface of the oceans as some men go skimming over the years of existence to sink gently into a placid grave, ignorant of life to the last, without ever having been made to see all it may contain of perfidy, of violence, and of terror.
TAP) -Morocco and Tunisia have been the top recipients of the African Development Bank (AfDB) transport-related funding in its 50 years of existence.
A statement issued on Friday said, the KESC goes back time and takes its consumers on a journey so that they could celebrate the company's 100 years of existence with the KESC team.
KARACHI -- The Karachi Electric Supply Company (KESC) celebrates 100 years of existence and for shredding away the darkness of the financial capital of Pakistan.
In particular, the fact that IAEVG in its 50 years of existence had never sponsored any activity in the United States moved many colleagues to propose a meeting there.
The 20-acre parcel of land houses a number of badly deteriorated wood-frame and brick buildings which once served as dormitories, a library and administrative offices during the college's 81 years of existence.
With no democratic mechanisms in place, unable to distinguish themselves as more than a splinter of the Democratic Party, and only one elected Green to statewide office, the Green Party has little or nothing to show for more than twelve years of existence.
In its first five years of existence, BIBR has become a critical link to the world of black books for at least 75,000 readers.
Perhaps people are no longer interested in feminist art and discourse because in thirty years of existence it has been unable to change its focus and approach.