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yelled Dan, who knew that one of the Carrie's crew had worked in an overall factory the winter before.
yelled the leader, scratching at the foot of the tree.
When he came to the last tree he took the garlic and rubbed himself all over carefully, and the dholes yelled with scorn.
The meat is very near the bone," Gray Brother yelled.
And when all the talk was finished, the mate stood up and mocked us, and yelled, Yah
After that the mate mocked us one more time and yelled, Yah
they yelled, pointing their thin fingers at the group; and they all flopped around, so they were white, and then all flopped back again, so they were black.
they yelled, and in a flash turned their white sides to the front.
Smash 'im, Jimmie, kick deh damn guts out of 'im," yelled Pete, the lad with the chronic sneer, in tones of delight.
Bert yelled at the newcomers, himself swept away by passion, his black eyes flashing wildly, his dark face inflamed by the too-ready blood.
Each time she is told to deliver a message from one parent to the other, she gets extremely anxious because, "I'm the one who ends up getting yelled at.
When Heinonen walked out his front door, he said Mark Martin again ran up to him, bumped into him with his chest and yelled in his face, ``You better stay out of this,'' court records said.