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After the sentences were imposed in Los Angeles Superior Court, both defendants began swearing at Judge Michael Johnson and yelled out gang names, prosecutors said.
Somebody yelled out a gang name, somebody else yelled out a rival gang name and the fight started,'' Grotefend said.
The most controversial incident, which has the student newspaper writing stories each week and Radpour's sister calling administrators asking for explanations, involves allegations that Radpour yelled vulgar language at an Oregon fan Oct.
In this kind of environment, it is not surprising that you yelled at your employee.
The other incident was when one of the secretaries yelled that our shipping clerk, who had gone out to get a cup of coffee, was being beaten by two guys.
Wilcox testified he and his partner ran around to the balcony of the burning apartment and yelled into the window.
Sheriff's deputies used a stun-bag shotgun to subdue a drunken man who scared passing motorists with what looked like a gun - but really was a cigarette lighter shaped like a pistol - and who yelled at deputies to shoot him.
A mother in the stands watching her son play for the Aztecs yelled ``Kick him out of the game
After Paniagua yelled obscenities and grabbed his crotch, Nevin went after Paniagua but was restrained by manager Terry Collins and bench coach Joe Maddon.