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Brazil has been grappling with yellow fever recently.
Our results suggest that semen can be a useful clinical material for diagnosis of yellow fever and indicate the need for testing urine and semen samples from patients with advanced disease.
Global yellow fever vaccination coverage from 1970 to 2016: An adjusted retrospective analysis.
A global stockpile of 6 million doses of the yellow fever vaccine is available for countries to access, with the support of Gavi, the Vaccine Alliance.
Yellow fever is a mosquitoborne viral disease endemic to sub-Saharan Africa and tropical areas of South America.
It will be replaced temporarily by a similar French yellow fever vaccine, Stamaril.
Mosquito-borne yellow fever, ironically, was spread because institutions encouraged trade with the Caribbean, where the disease flourished.
Yellow fever is a mosquito-borne virus that can cause a life-threatening infection with jaundice, systemic bleeding, shock and organ failure.
Isolations of yellow fever virus from Haemagogus leucocelaenus in Rio Grande do Sul State, Brazil.
According to WHO, while yellow fever is endemic in more than three-dozen countries, disease transmission in 2016 has exploded and "rapidly exhausted" the usual global stockpile of 6 million vaccine doses.
According to WHO, the yellow fever outbreak has killed more than 400 people in Angola and DRC, and affected thousands more.
Heather Kerr, Save the Children's country director for the DRC, said: "There is no known cure for yellow fever and it could go global.