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1 mmol/L Bacterial cultures No growth No growth (blood) Leptospiral DNA Not detected Not detected (urine) Dengue viral RNA Not detected Not detected (serum) Salmonella H type A/B Positive ([dagger]) Negative antibodies (serum) Q fever antibodies Negative Negative (serum) Hepatitis A virus Nonreactive Nonreactive antibodies (serum) Hepatitis B virus Nonreactive Nonreactive antibodies (serum) Hepatitis C virus Nonreactive Nonreactive antibodies (serum) Yellow fever virus Positive ([dagger]) Negative immunoglobulin M antibodies Yellow fever virus 640 ([dagger]) <10 neutralizing antibodies * Upon hospital admission.
Table 2 indicates the percentage protection of mice against yellow fever virus using methanolic extract of Gynostemma pentaphyllum.
In 1977 (this was some time before Kiple's book-length studies were published), it was confirmed that the eggs of the Aedes egypti mosquito could host the living yellow fever virus for a considerable length of time (the process known as lateral transmission).
A presentation entitled "BCX4430, an adenosine analog, with potent activity against yellow fever virus in a hamster model," will be presented by Dr.
Urine as sample for molecular diagnosis of natural yellow fever virus infections.
The concern is that yellow fever virus, which is maintained in a transmission cycle involving non-human primates and arboreal mosquitoes, crosses into a far more threatening human-to-human transmission cycle involving urban Aedes aegypti mosquitoes.
Sample 2 contained yellow fever virus vaccine strain 17D and tick-borne encephalitis virus strain K23 (11).
Yellow fever virus was not only the first "filterable" agent shown to cause human disease, but it was also the original member of the Flavivirus genus of the Flaviviridae family.
has done mouse tests of a West Nile vaccine based on the yellow fever virus.
Fully 11,000 of the city's black population of around 14,000 were infected with the yellow fever virus, as were practically all of the 6000 whites that did not leave the city.
It's known that the virus is transmitted from plant to plant only by aphids - somewhat as yellow fever virus is transmitted person to person only by mosquitoes.