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Katz filed court papers which called the article one of the most reprehensible examples of yellow journalism, the New York Post reported.
Islamabad -- Former president Pervez Musharraf's counsel Ahmad Raza Kasuri Thursday lashing out at journalists accused them of practicing yellow journalism and threatened that they need to be fixed.
He further said that his govt would always welcome positive criticism whereas the media would have to play its role in promoting objective journalism as well as discourage yellow journalism from our society.
Yellow journalism has advanced many armies' interests throughout history, but in everyday news, it has faced criticism for its sensationalism and exaggerating of news events.
In the best tradition of yellow journalism, his editorials savaged his political enemies while his news columns dug into every scandal.
She advised journalists especially women journalists to avoid yellow journalism in performing their day to day professional duties.
That's what I call yellow journalism, because you (bleeps) don't report the facts.
While yellow journalism has often been replaced by full color, there are still a few cities where the lurid chain lives.
Clearly, the Kiran Kumar Reddy government and also the central government is showing bias, favouritism to sensational and yellow journalism, especially to a particular section.
Speaking to the participants, Ahtasham Waheed of Individual land said owners of some newspapers were responsible for yellow journalism as they themselves or their sons were editor of the newspaper instead professional journalist.
The new era of yellow journalism was upon the land, and the Spy's brand of proper, sedate coverage was losing out.
The muckrakers (yet another term coined by Teddy Roosevelt) came into power largely as a response to the yellow journalism of the era directly preceding.