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This sea-slug is about five inches long; and is of a dirty yellowish colour veined with purple.
They appear to vary their tints according to the nature of the ground over which they pass: when in deep water, their general shade was brownish purple, but when placed on the land, or in shallow water, this dark tint changed into one of a yellowish green.
At the distance of several leagues from the Archipelago of the Galapagos, the ship sailed through three strips of a dark yellowish, or mudlike water; these strips were some miles long, but only a few yards wide, and they were separated from the surrounding water by a sinuous yet distinct margin.
The lower part of the gates themselves was of solid wood that had been painted gray at some period in the past; the upper part consisted of a grating of yellowish spear-shaped bars.
Viewed from a hilltop it reflects the color of the sky; but near at hand it is of a yellowish tint next the shore where you can see the sand, then a light green, which gradually deepens to a uniform dark green in the body of the pond.
Over the snow-covered roofs could be seen a decorated cross with chains, and above it the rising triangle of Charles's Wain with the yellowish light of Capella.
He was rather better dressed than usual: wearing the same suit of threadbare black, it is true, but having round his neck an unwholesome-looking cravat of a yellowish white; and, on his hands, great leather gloves, such as a gardener might wear in following his trade.
A number of militiamen hoisted the coffin wrapped in party yellowish colour, fired their guns into the air and swore allegiance to continue their sacred Jihad to the bitter end as they shouted.
These various stains, when staying on the surface of 3C products for over a period of time, cannot be removed easily and will cause yellowish marks on objects.
As they heal, bruises go through colour changes from purple to brown to a yellowish green colour due to the breakdown of blood.
Maxillary palpus yellowish brown, with 3rd segment yellowish brown slightly suffused with blackish brown, and 4th and 5th segments blackish brown.
The court was apprised that the admission form for a private candidate was of pink colour while that of regular one yellowish white.