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Furthermore, for both the uncolored and the gray specimens, a marked increase in yellowness was observed with increased ageing time, but the impact of the artificial weathering was much stronger.
The spectrometer transformed spectral data into lightness data (L) and chromaticity coordinates (redness [a] and yellowness [b]) on the basis of a D65 light source (CIE 1986).
The scattered light returns through a fiber optic filament, and the yellowness of the reflected light--corrected for the contribution of hemoglobin, melanin, and dermal thickness--is measured in a spectrophotometric module and converted into an estimate of the TSB concentration (3).
A camera that can gauge close-up changes to the skin's redness, yellowness and lightness found that these considerably increased in people who increased their intake of fruit and vegetables.
values increased with increased storage time in greenness and yellowness, respectively.
Also on a weekly basis, the OIT, yellowness index, and total color change were measured and recorded.
It removed the yellowness from my dyed tresses and replaced it with a vibrant silvery tone.
8; and from 54% to 99% by weight of a dehydroxylated kaolin, wherein when the dehydroxylated kaolin is comprised of metakaolin, the heated mixture has a GE brightness equal to or greater than 90% and a Hunter yellowness index of less than 11, and when the dehydroxylated kaolin is comprised of fully calcined kaolin, the heated mixture has a GE brightness greater than 90% and a Hunter yellowness index of less than a 7.
The color and yellowness index were measured before and after the gamma exposure.
Ray Vaughn Pierce died nearly a century ago after amassing a small fortune selling mysterious and unregulated elixirs such as those pellets, hawking a concoction of opium, alcohol and quinine as a cure for "all bilious symptoms" including "sick headache, wind on the stomach, pain through the right side and shoulder-blade and yellowness of the skin and eyeballs.
Promising to brighten the tones of blonde and highlighted hair, this product neutralises unwanted yellowness as well as leaving your locks radiant, soft and silky.
They also established for the first time that yellow pigments (carotenoids) from certain fruit and veg played a key role in producing yellowness in skin.