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Whiteness and yellowness index-a significant drop in paint whiteness (a large impact because of the gray nature of the recycled Ti[O.
Figure 6 showed that blanching time increased with decreasing yellowness in the colour of the canned products and that this was mainly due to the degrading effect of the heat treatment on the colour pigments of the green pepper.
Therefore, repeated observations of spatial distribution of greenness, redness, yellowness, and redness/greenness at multiple time points are expected to statistically separate the spatial (Doi and Ranamukhaarachchi, 2009) and the temporal (Summy and Little, 2008) effects on the changes in crop spectral profiles, suggesting effective measures to improve the irregular distributing problems in the area.
The evaluation of Ab values at 7 days showed positive values for MTA, CSC and CSC / 15% BO, indicating yellowness, whereas the other cements showed negative values, indicating blueness.
For the determination of whiteness and yellowness degrees of cotton and manmade fibres.
The spectrometer transformed spectral data into lightness data (L) and chromaticity coordinates (redness [a] and yellowness [b]) on the basis of a D65 light source (CIE 1986).
The scattered light returns through a fiber optic filament, and the yellowness of the reflected light--corrected for the contribution of hemoglobin, melanin, and dermal thickness--is measured in a spectrophotometric module and converted into an estimate of the TSB concentration (3).
A positive b* value represents the degree of yellowness and the negative one the blueness.
A camera that can gauge close-up changes to the skin's redness, yellowness and lightness found that these considerably increased in people who increased their intake of fruit and vegetables.
It removed the yellowness from my dyed tresses and replaced it with a vibrant silvery tone.