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If you can add the points from all winnings And count too few to turn a season's loss Yet view with hope a season's new beginnings And buy your seat and never mourn the cost.
Yet another family is left to grieve the loss of a loved one.
Yet 10 or 20 years ago, a visit to an architectural bookstore anywhere in the world would elicit the pushing forward of numerous monographs of American architects, immense published support for American Post-Modern and not a few wittily argued broadsheets, fringe magazines and chitchat of all kinds from San Francisco, Chicago and Texas, as well as New York.
For a theory to be tested and accepted, he writes, "it must make a new prediction--different from those made by previous theories--for an experiment not yet done.
Yet Canada's left-leaning legal-political elite is a patient lot.
If this is happiness, not the good life on earth but absolute fullness of life in a world yet to come, most followers decide they want no part of it.
Yet the reader registers the epic quest for democracy not from the determination of its proponents, but from the laments of a wealthy white patriarch who seemed eerily attracted to victim status, and less beholden to public principles of equality or freedom than to the private task of self-justification.
Thomas" should have alerted us decades ago to this operative difference from Aristotle, yet many Thomists managed to overlook it in their anxiety to demarcate philosophy from theology).
Yet, aside from brief treatment of the symbol of sugar cane, only slight attention is devoted to Morrison's engagement with Toomer, and links between Morrison's and Gaines's texts are ignored.
Theologically, this is a time when being confessional is often equated with being narrow-minded or, worse yet, judgmental.
Yet, Kozol reminds us that if you are a black or Latino child attending Rosa Parks elementary/middle/high school in any American city, you are likely to face material shortages, crumbling facilities, under-qualified teachers, a joyless curriculum focused on test-preparation and may not even know why the school is named for Ms.