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Given this interpretation, future short-term rates may be expected to decline, which tends to reduce current long-term rates and flatten the yield curve.
1272-1(b) constant yield method to allocate the debt issuance costs to each year.
Net returns to corn remain very high; corn yields are rising at a much faster rate than those for other crops; new biotech varieties and improved seed treatments make growing continuous corn more practical; and concerns about Asian rust may discourage some farmers from planting soybeans.
In many cases the emission spectrum is independent of the excitation wavelength and can be written as a product of a quantum yield and a normalized relative emission function [see Appendix Eq.
Remember, these are total returns, or coupon yield plus any principal appreciation or depreciation during the quarter -- not yield.
7 percent--largely, Brown says, because of belated yield surges in China and Brazil.
If he had acted earlier he could have locked in a yield over 8 percent.
High yield: The yield to maturity must equal or exceed the AFR (for the month of issue) plus five percentage points.
For over a decade leading vendors have relied on SpencerLab to provide certified yield testing and associated Cost-per-Print analyses.
This strategy was largely successful with no-till and herbicide resistant soybeans, but will importing technology be as successful with information technology, such as VRA, yield mapping and other precision agriculture practices that require local adaptation?
Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen peroxide play a key role in the brightness-yield-strength relationship, but the alkali influences yield and strength to a far greater extent titan does the peroxide.