yield gain

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From the beginning of 2017, Yingli Solar has established official power plant database, energy yields of PANDA BIFACIAL modules in distributed PV systems are about 20% more every month, and the highest yield gain is greater than 30%.
He said high responsive cotton varieties increased yield per unit area on the one hand but increased the cost of cultivation on the other and ever rising input cost unable to compensate by the yield gain.
Their data suggested that the rate of yield gain has recently decreased or stopped for one or more of the major cereals in many of the most intensively cropped areas of the world, including eastern Asia, Europe and the United States.
Meanwhile, 10-year US treasuries saw a 20bp yield gain to 1.
Without new sources of investment and improved collaboration between public and private sector research, current rates of genetic yield gain deliverable from the limited royalty income available to plant breeders will fall short of the food security goals set for 2030," Higher yielding barley varieties provide UK farmers with an additional pounds 75m of barley per annum, while the development of malting barley varieties with lower beta glucans for improved processability for brewers, and increased spirit yield for distillers, contribute between pounds 238m and pounds 592m in extra value to the UK economy each year.
This highly organized, paper-free manufacturing environment dramatically and positively impacts labor costs, material yield gain and manufacturing time per piece.
Yield gain, however, was less than under drought, and was associated mainly with an increase in the number of grains per ear, since little or no barrenness was observed.
APPLICATION: Kraft mills with continuous digesters can use this method to estimate the yield gain when additives are introduced or to control the yield when process parameters are changed.
If the former Soviet Union is excluded from the global data for 1990 to 1995, because of the uncharacteristic drop in yields associated with economic reforms and the breakup of the country into its constituent republics, then the rate of yield gain is not the 0.
As a result, Cargill boosted yields of salable product enough to earn a return on investment in about a year, in yield gain alone.
Rates of yield gain and returns to investment in wheat breeding research are estimated for Pakistan's Punjab for the period since the introduction of semidwarf varieties.