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As the yield point is a critical point when the lamellar slippage starts, the yield strain should be related to the intrinsic intra- and inner-molecular interactions, especially the entanglement density in the amorphous blocks between the lamellae [34].
Keaveny, "Contribution of inter-site variations in architecture to trabecular bone apparent yield strains," Journal of Biomechanics, vol.
The effect of wrap thickness on lateral yield strain was significant.
PA and PEI have higher yield strains that ETPU, but did not perform as well.
The increase in MWCNTs up to 3%v/v MWCNTs/DPNR provides the decreases in the Yield strength and the Young's modulus and the increase in the Yield strain presumably because the TX100 content is higher with increasing MWCNTs amount.
An observation of the measures of fitness of regression shows that the multivariate linear regression can estimate the prediction values with reasonable levels of accuracy for ultimate stress, ultimate axial strain, ultimate lateral strain, yield stress, yield strain, deflection ductility, energy ductility and total energy absorption.
However, the CNC addition changed the yield strain of both composites: both had lower yield strain than the pure PBAT.
5 wt% for the tensile elastic modulus (+25%) and tensile strength (+10%); a slight general increase in the yield stress (+6%); and significant general decreases in the yield strain (-61%), elongation at break (-92%), and Charpy impact strength (-55%).
The Young's modulus, yield stress, yield strain, strain at break, and stress at break were determined.
A material's stress/strain curve is a deceptively simple graph lhal displays an overview of the material's mechanical proportions, including Young's modulus, yield strength, yield strain, ultimate strength, and so on.