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Current return from an investment or expenditure as a percentage of the price of investment or expenditure.

The term yield is the proportionate rate that income from an investment bears to the total cost of the investment. For example, a ten dollar profit on a one hundred dollar investment represents a 10 percent yield. Thus, a yield for stock dividends or bond interest paid will be expressed as a percentage of the current price. A yield can also refer to the bond coupon or stock dividend rate divided by the purchase price.

There are several specific types of yields. On bonds, a current yield is the annual interest paid divided by the current market price of the bond. As interest rates fall, the market price of the bond rises; as they rise, bond prices fall. The current yield reflects the actual rate of return on a bond. For example, a 9.5 percent bond with a face value of $1,000 yields $95 per year. If this bond is purchased in the secondary bond market for $1,100, the interest will still be $95 a year, but the current yield will be reduced to 8.6 percent because the new owner paid more for the bond.

A nominal yield is the annual income received from a fixed-income security divided by the face value of the security. It is stated as a percentage figure. For example, if a security with a face value of $5,000 generated $500 in income, the nominal yield would be 10 percent.

On bonds, a yield to maturity is a complex calculation that reflects the overall rate of return an investor would receive from a bond if the bond is held to maturity and the interest payments are reinvested at the same rate. It takes into account the purchase price, the coupon yield, the time to maturity, and the time between interest payments.

A net yield is the rate of return on an investment after deducting all costs, losses, and charges for investment. A dividend yield is the current annual dividend divided by the market price per share of stock. A yield spread refers to differences in yields between various issues of Securities.


(Produce a return), verb accord, accrue, afford, bear, bestow, bring, bring about, bring forth, bring in, fetch, furnish, generate, give, provide, render, return, supply


(Submit), verb abandon, abdicate, accede, accept, acquiesce, admit, agree to, allow, assent, back down, be submissive, bend, bow, capitulate, cede, comply, concede, concedere, consent, dedere, forgo, give in, give up, grant, leave, let go, make way, obey, pay homage to, permit, quit, relent, relinquish, renounce, resign, sacrifice, succumb, suffer defeat, surrender, waive
See also: abandon, abide, accede, accommodate, accrue, acknowledge, agree, allow, arise, bestow, cede, concede, concur, condescend, condone, confer, confess, conform, consent, defer, deign, discontinue, endure, engender, forfeit, forgo, forswear, fund, furnish, germinate, give, grant, hear, let, lose, manufacture, obey, outcome, outgrowth, output, permit, proceeds, produce, product, profit, quit, redound, relax, release, relent, relinquish, resign, result, revenue, succumb, supply, verify, vouchsafe, waive
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Conclusion: Small fruit size in Kur cultivar of date palm is hinderance to popularity among date growers in spite of high yielder.
The thorough scrutiny of the data revealed a superiority of Bhakar-2002 over others which gave mean grain yield of 3445 kg per hectare, whereas MH-97 was the lowest yielder (3185 kg ha-1).
They travelled to Forest Hall Colts and efforts from Finlay, Parkinson, Yielder, Smith, Dixon and Skelton (2) gave them victory.
In the Pin Point Recruitment League Cup, Ryton AFC were drawn to play Red House Farm Athletic and gave a good account of themselves with goals from Sam Yielder and David Finlay.
However, we must keep an eye on risk appetite this week as a pull back in equities could weigh on the high yielder.
Ryton's squad is Jack Elliott, Robbie Forbes, Rio Acolatse, Sam Yielder, Ryan Anderson, Jack Parkinson, Ben Smith, Dan Murphy, Erin Smith, Rose Bell, Ben Simpson and Chris Todd.
Ryton's rugby squad are: Jack Elliott, Robbie Forbes, Rio Acolatse, Sam Yielder, Ryan Anderson, Jack Parkinson, Ben Smith, Dan Murphy, Erin Smith, Rose Bell, Ben Simpson and Chris Todd.
Teacher Claudia Yielder said: "They were a bit shaken and were quite quiet at first but the audience was very friendly.
EIGHT-year-old Phillip Yielder has become the first fourth generation player for Ryton after joining the club's mini-section.
Sam Yielder struck an under-seven hat-trick as Ryton beat Cleveland Hall Whites 4-0 and Cleveland Hall X were also on the winning trail with a Scott Farrow brace seeing them to a 5-1 verdict over Low Fell.
This high yielder still enjoys a significant premium over most of its counterparts; but the outlook is certainly dovish.
A poor showing here could further deflate this currency's use as a high yielder.