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Performance of "Thal 2006" a high yielding and disease resistant variety of chickpea.
In July, a successful appeal reduced Yielding's jail time by two years, but he still owes restitution and attorney fees.
Regression of %TM against year indicated that between 1979 and 1998 the mean advantage of the five highest yielding lines over the TM in the ESWYT increased at a rate of 0.34% [yr.sup.-1] for environments yielding less than 4 Mg [ha.sup.-1] (Fig.
Here's another grim tale: A guy in my car pool owned some municipal bonds yielding 14.75 percent.
A variation of high yielding REITS is National Health Investors, Inc.
The term "higher yielding investments" means any investment that produces a materially higher yield than the issue yield.
This has resulted in the three-part tree: a high yielding trunk is grafted onto a vigorous root stock, and a disease resistant crown onto the trunk.
Indeed, to simultaneously breed of high yielding linseed varieties, biological yield per plant should firstly be considered followed by straw yield per plant, fibre yield and 1000 seed weight.
The global supply of long- and short-term sovereign securities yielding less than zero now nears $10 trillion, constraining the ability of banks, insurers and other sovereign investors to generate fixed-income returns.
Sharma [16] stated that the production of high yielding varieties of wheat is only achieved through increasing biological yield together with stability of harvest index or through its increasing, simultaneously.
27% High-Yield California Baptist Foundation church bonds One maturing in 2007 yielding 6.3% and another maturing in 2011 yielding 7.8%