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I thought you liked your own opinion--liked it, you know.
You couldn't put the thing better--couldn't put it better, beforehand, you know.
That's what father always did, when he wanted anything--educating the heathen and new carpets, you know.
If you really go for it and keep what you know you're supposed to do and how you're supposed to bail in the back of your mind, that's the best way to stay in control.
You know, where the sisters be fornicating with the brothers and the cousins be fornicating .
AF: You know the economics of a film determines the look of it, determines everything.
The old adage is, "You write what you know," and even though you're writing about the 1930s, that's not what you're really writing about.
This was a tough decision you know, 'cause I was playing all the instruments for recording and then Dennis said to get a band together for tour.
I guess you know I'm Sonny Rollins's nephew, and he really gave me my first trombone when I was seven years old.
If you know who you are, then you're likely to be more real, and other people will respond to that.